About the Ulpaniada

What is The Ulpaniada?
A problem solving competition based on math skills and logical reasoning for Orthodox high school girls. Now in its sixth year in Israel, this is the third year that the Ulpaniada is going international. Girls from Orthodox high schools worldwide are invited to participate.

How is it structured?
There are three rounds. The first one consists of a timed test of 20 multiple choice problems (two and a half hours). The second and third rounds consist of both multiple choice problems and additional open questions. The first and second rounds will take place in your own high school. Girls who qualify will be invited to Jerusalem to participate in the final round together with girls from around the world.

Can I participate?
Formerly, the competition was open only to girls in high school or national service in Israel, but now we have broadened our horizons! If you are a girl currently in an Orthodox high school setting, and you enjoy solving math puzzles and logic problems, then this is your chance to take part in the international Ulpaniada!

So what's in it for me?
Besides that great feeling you get when you manage to crack a particularly tricky problem and the excitement of facing a challenge, there's more. If you qualify for the final round, you will be invited to come to Jerusalem to compete against other finalists from around the world. You will receive a Certificate of Participation from the Israeli Minister of Education. In addition, the top contestants will receive a partial scholarship for the Michlala Jerusalem College or other valuable prizes!

What are the questions like?
You can view questions from previous years' competitions in both English and Hebrew: just click on "Past Questions".

Do I need to be a math whiz?
Not necessarily! The questions are not based on the math topics you learn in school. However, basic 9th grade math skills as well as logical thinking are essential in order to succeed in solving the problems.

I'm in - what do I do now?
You can register now, or turn to your math teacher at school and register via your school. For details, click on Registration in the menu above.

Just to make sure - I don't have to know Hebrew for this, do I?
No, you do not. All questions will be available in both Hebrew and English.

Where does the name "Ulpaniada" come from?
An "Ulpana" is a high school for girls and "Olympiada" in Hebrew are the Olympic Games. We merged the two words to form "Ulpaniada", The Olympic Problem-Solving Game Competition for Orthodox high school girls!

Who stands behind the Ulpaniada?
The competition was founded by Akiva Kadari, the editor of the periodical "Alef Efes" and Math lecturer at Michlalah Jerusalem College, and Dr. Ziva Deutsch, Head of the Math Department at the Michlalah Jerusalem College.

What do I do if I have more questions?
Click on "Contact Details" in the above menu, or write to us at ulpaniada@michlalah.edu.
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